Choosing Follow Up Pages on Forms 2.0

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Choosing Follow Up Pages on Forms 2.0

I've been having a diffcult time choosing a follow up page on the settings section of forms 2.0. I know if you're using a Marketo LP you can choose this when you implement the form on the landing page. But if you're using the form on an external page, if'ts difficult to choose the right follow up page because it doesn't show the full name of the page. It shows a very condensed small screen and it's pretty much like you're guessing which one to use. I have a long naming convention that includes the date as well and this makes it challenging to choose the right now. Adjusting the screen size doesn't seem to change this either. Has anyone figured anything out on this?
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Re: Choosing Follow Up Pages on Forms 2.0

Can you drag the bottom right corner of the form out? This should make it bigger so you're able to see more.

For external pages, I've just had to copy and paste the URL in; you can't select it from a list.