Changing Engagement Program Setup and Preference Center

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Changing Engagement Program Setup and Preference Center

Hi there, 
I'm looking to update our existing engagement program from a content topic based workflow to one based on personas and stages of the buy cycle. However, the communications preferences in our current preference center are based on content topic. My question has two parts: 

1) Is there a way to tag/filter emails based on communication preference within an engagement stream? For example, can you have an engagement program for Persona 1, each stream mapped to a stage in the buy cycle, but only send emails that match people's communication preferences? 

2) If there isn't a way to use tags or filters to accomplish the question in #1 and I need to update the options in the preference center, what is the best practice there? Send an email out to the database asking them to update their preferences? 


Thanks for any insight!



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Re: Changing Engagement Program Setup and Preference Center

I'm curious to hear the input of the others here but you can add a smart campaign as the content of the engagement program.

So in the smart campaign, you can set up the flow with a choice based on the preference.


But what I didn't like about this solution is that if it is set not to send on this flow based on choice, those people basically skip the cadence.  


I think the other way is to create a stream for each stage x preference. 

This may create needs for too many streams to manage.


Maybe a combination of those 2? 

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Re: Changing Engagement Program Setup and Preference Center

Depending on whether you can actually develop relevant content for each topic in the preference centre for each persona / buying stage you could also consider making your emails dynamic. That would mean setting up a segmenation to prioritize the preference topics and creating the content with the matrix in mind.

That would save you from building out too many different streams to cater for all potential combinations.

Again, it depends on the content you have available and whether you can map that to all cells in your topic / persona matrix.