Change Program Status based on Email Clicks

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Change Program Status based on Email Clicks



I read a few threads but still couldn't find the answer I'm looking for. Here's my situation:


After hosting a webinar, Marketo updates the members' statuses to attended or no show. Then, we send different email follow-ups based on these statuses. I'm trying to find a way to update the 'no show' status to 'attended on demand' if someone clicks on two specific links (presentation or video) provided in that email follow-up. Note that the links are provided through a marketo token I used in building the email.


What would be the best practice to do this? I've tried building a smart campaign with a trigger on "clicks link in email" - email is "..." but it didn't change the status when I tested. How should I enter those specific links so Marketo can recognize them?


Thank you!

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Re: Change Program Status based on Email Clicks

To answer your question, you might need to make sure that your program statuses are setup the way you want them to work. In the admin section, find Tags and click the Channel you are looking at. If you want people to go from No Show to Attended On Demand, you will have to make sure that either the On Demand step is after the No Show or they have the same value


In the screenshot above, the step value is used to determine the order of steps and people can only move forward through these, meaning they "can only change status to a higher or equal value status". In this example, No Show can switch to Attended On Demand but No Show cannot go down to Attended. More info on that is here:


That being said, I wouldn't advise on using Clicks Link to trigger this status change because link scanners have been known to produce false positives.