Can't get all folders on Design Studio from API

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Can't get all folders on Design Studio from API


Please I need help with this. I have setup an API Access role, assigned it to a user and created a Launchpoint correctly to get API credentials. But when I use the API to get folders from Design Studio section, there are some missing ones.

What I'm doing is:

To get the folders I first make a request using the byName.json endpoint like this:

/rest/asset/v1/folder/byName.json?name=Design Studio

Then using the id retrieved in the previous request I make a second request to the folders.json endpoint:


(2 is an example I use the id of the Design Studio folder I got in the other request).

In that response I only get some of the folders, I only get Landing Pages, Snippets and Social Apps. I checked using Marketo's web application and the folders are visible, so I can access those ones and also Emails and Email Templates (which are the ones that I need), but I cannot access them through the API.

What am I missing? Is there any sort of permission or setting that might be causing this?

Thanks in advance!