Re: Can I do a "7 day task bundling" program?

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Can I do a "7 day task bundling" program?

Hope someone out there can help....

Marketing Management wants to see what tele is doing with end user marketing content engagement and in what period of time. So that all form completions and email clicks trigger an email alert sent to the person's owner (taken from SFDC) and a task is assigned to him/her.

Tele is now freaking out with TOO many tasks and have asked for multiple interactions for the same person, within a given week to be held back. Here's the scenario they want: Seven (7) days is the time horizon ie the owner is to be notified on day 1 of a specific activity, and then notified on day 8 if there is another on that day.


    • Person A does:
      • Day 1 – interaction 1,2,3
      • Day 4 – interaction 4
      • Day 8 – interaction 5
      • Day 10 – interaction 6
      • Day 15 – interaction 7
      • Day 20 – interaction 8
    • The owner of Person A will get notified on interaction 1, 5 and 7 as they happened 7 days apart. The rest, 2,3,4,6,8 will be found in the activity record of the person in SFDC.

So, alerts and tasks are set up on everything, how do we do the "throttling" (for lack of a better word) on the tasks within the 7 day time horizon?



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Re: Can I do a "7 day task bundling" program?

Hi Amy,

Going to add my recommendations without actually running a scenario test. But hoping this will help.

The idea is to run 3 different smart campaigns

  • Campaign One
    • Smart List: Will look for all records that have filled out a form or clicked a link in any email
    • Flow Step:
      • Request Campaign Two
      • Wait 5 minutes
      • Request Campaign Three
    • Schedule: Run the lead through this campaign every time
  • Campaign Two
    • Smart List: Campaign is Request (from Campaign One)
    • Flow: Send Alert
    • Schedule: Run the lead through this campaign once every 7 days
  • Campaign Three
    • Smart List:
      • Campaign is Requested (From Campaign One)
      • Not was sent Alert Email (in past 10 minutes)
    • Flow:
      • Create Task
    • Schedule: Run the lead through this campaign every time

The idea is that we have campaign one looking for all the leads that meet the criteria and then requesting campaign two and campaign three. There is a wait step in between, because the filter for campaign three depends if the alert email was sent or not.

Then campaign two will run the process of sending an email alert, but it will run only once every 7 days. So day 1, they will get the email alert, day 8 onwards they will get another email alert.

Then campaign three will also run everyday, however we will make sure that no alert email was sent in the past 10 minutes (to consider the waiting time we added for the campaign one) and then create a task for every activity.

I would love to know if this helps your build in some way.



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Re: Can I do a "7 day task bundling" program?

Thanks, Floyd! Will let you know.