Campaign step execution order

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Campaign step execution order

Following scenario:

My smart campaign has 2 flow steps of type : Request Campaign.

Can I be certain that the 2nd Request Campaign step will wait for the first one to be finalized before executing?

( in the first requested campaign I want to build/populate a history field. In the second requested campaign I want to build a centralized notification center, but before I sent out a mail I need to be sure that the history field is updated, because it is used in the notification program). Inserting a wait step between calling the 2 request campaigns is something I would not like to do. It will slow down sending the notification.#operational flows #operational smart campaigns

Franky Ruysschaert
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Re: Campaign step execution order

Hi Franky Ruysschaert‌,

You can put a condition in the "request campaign" step saying: if "history field" is not empty then request campaign 2. This way you are making sure you are not delaying the notifications to be sent.  


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Re: Campaign step execution order

Hi Franky, 

The smart campaign won't wait for the first requested campaign to finalize before calling the second. What you could do is add the Notification Center request campaign step as the last flow step in the History Field smart campaign, rather than having the initial smart campaign request both. This would ensure the history field is populated before sending the lead through the Notification Center campaign, and it would allow you to avoid using a wait step. 

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Re: Campaign step execution order

Yep, and furthermore no Wait step is guaranteed to be long enough.

Wait steps shouldn't be used for data changes. There is always a real trigger you can use.