Campaign source not populating

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Campaign source not populating

I have a step in our flow that changes the acquisition program to a specific one based on whether the campaign source is linkedin, facebook, or ppc.  So i have a "Change Data Value" step with 3 choices, that say:

Choice 1:

If "Campaign Source" is "Linkedin"

Attribute "Acquisition Program" New value "Linkedin"

Choice 2:

Same as above except for Facebook

Choice 3:

Same as above except for PPC

The problem is that our campaign source is not populating.  Does anyone know either why the campaign source might not be populating, or if there's another way I can use this flow so that it knows to change the acquisition program to either Linkedin, Facebook, or PPC?


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Re: Campaign source not populating


If "Campaign Source" and "Acquisition Program" are custom fields then double check that these people have a value for the Campaign Source field. If you only want to modify the Acquisition Program if the Campaign Source is any of these 3 values, then use the filter in the smart campaign's smart list to make sure people have a Campaign Source value of any of these 3. I would also make sure that the Setup tab of the smart campaign allows people to run through the flow every time.