Bulk import of "Data Change Value"

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Bulk import of "Data Change Value"


Is there a way to import a spreadsheet with rules, instead of creating them in a flow step one by one?

For instance, I want to map company IDs from our CRM (homegrown, not a commercial CRM) to company names in Marketo.

If Company name is "Bank of America, BOA, BOA Inc. Bank of Amer" then Company ID is "111111"

Same as the State/Country Normalization. I know some consultants can do this, just wondering if an admin can do it as well. Thanks!

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Re: Bulk import of "Data Change Value"

Only by consulting such a spreadsheet via webhook. Not during the import process itself.

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Re: Bulk import of "Data Change Value"

Check out related discussion here: Lookup tables

Unfortunatley, Marketo doesn't have native lookup table to do what you're asking