Boosting Social Posts from Organic to Ads

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Boosting Social Posts from Organic to Ads

Hi Team, I got an ask from our Social Media manager - sometimes she boost social posts on various platforms (Facebook, Linkedin etc), so basically these are organic posts that have been boosted and are now also considered advertisements.

As a result, the link that goes out is the link with the original organic parameters. The link can't be adjusted the link of a post once it's gone out.

How can capture leads that came from the paid ad in Markero?

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Re: Boosting Social Posts from Organic to Ads

You should be able to track this information with Referral URL, it should point to the source but the query parameters will be the original, I would need some screen grabs or more information from the Activity Log to give a full answer as your terminology of organic seems to be different to how I would set organic.