Block Field Updates

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Block Field Updates

We have recently synced Marketo to SFDC and I’m trying to understand which fields to block from SFDC sync. 

Does anyone have input on what has worked for their team?

An area I’m seeing that this might affect is the lead status field.  We were operating independently in each system for a while.  When we did our initial sync we had a lot of records that were duplicated in MKTO due to their existence in SFDC.  We have gone through and merged records.

However I noticed after the merge that the values in the lead status field were being changed, such as MQL back to Engaged b/c that was the last updated value for that field in SFDC. 

Any input from Marketo experts on this area would be awesome!  Our team hasn’t had to deal with this yet and I’m curious how other users have set up their ‘block field update’ strategy.

Thank you!


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Re: Block Field Updates

Hi Christine,

We usually block the "lead source" field, but not the "Lead status" one, because it might be required that the status is updated from salesforce. Usually, the list of fields that we protect from being updated from SFDC is minimal. We prefer, if necessary, to set the fields to read-only in salesforce.

It's now too late to warn you about the merge, but indeed, for any reader in this post, when you sync Marketo with a CRM after a long production period, it's key to export the whole database before sync'ing and merging, so that you can correct any bad thing that may happen during the merge.

also read here: Re: Salesforce Implementation with 3-year old Marketo Database


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Re: Block Field Updates

Hi Greg, actually myself and our salesforce admin did an export of our entire databases before integration.  So I think we are okay!  Thank you for the suggestions above.

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Re: Block Field Updates

Do you mean using Field Blocking in Marketo, or do you actually want to disconnect fields or hide them from Marketo?

Field blocking is ideal for First Touch fields or fields that sales might not want updated like Customer Email Address. Marketo has several options and this is well documented in docs.

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Re: Block Field Updates

Hi Josh, I am talking about using field blocking in Marketo.  Do you have some links you could please send to me that you feel would be helpful?  Thank you!

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Re: Block Field Updates

Hi Christine Selvaggio​,

You can block them you your Admin account. Below is the process.

1. Open Field management.

2. Search the field form right bar

3. Go to Field actions. Snip Below:


4. Tick the options from you want to block it.


Hope this helps