Block field updates before starting initial SFDC sync?

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Block field updates before starting initial SFDC sync?


I'm working through the steps for the first sync between Marketo and Salesforce. I've made it to the point where I'm mapping fields and finding that there are a lot that I don't want/need their data in Marketo. In order to save processing time on the initial sync, I'd like to block some of this data from coming over in the first place. So my question is:


After I click the "Finish Mappings" button, am I able to modify the individual field settings and block updates from SFDC before I initiate the full sync?


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Re: Block field updates before starting initial SFDC sync?

So I think you're talking about two different things.

1. SFDC field visibility in Marketo. Any SFDC field can be modified to be visible (or not) to the Marketo sync user. Be judicious about exposing fields to Marketo Sync User, as once you sync a field to Marketo you can't delete it, and extra fields can slow down your sync over time. Your SFDC Admin by default should keep new fields from being visible to Marketo Sync user, and only expose when you ask.

2. Blocking field updates in Marketo. Any Marketo field (whether synced to SFDC or not) can block updates from various sources—SFDC, API, form fill, flow step change data value, etc. This is for fields like Lead Source that you want to write once to and never overwrite. Or some fields you only want to overwrite in some instances.


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