Best way to re-sync undeleted leads?

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Best way to re-sync undeleted leads?

Hi all -

We recently had an issue where thousands and thousands of records were deleted via Marketo that should not have been. All of these records also had the checkbox enabled so that they would delete in Salesforce as well.

I'm currently restoring all of these deleted leads via Salesforce's recycle bin, but want to make sure that Marketo picks up on it and brings those names/details back into the system. I'm aware any activity log info will have been deleted, but that's not important in these cases - I just need to make sure the people show back up in Marketo so that they can start qualifying for campaigns.

Are there any force sync options I could use to make sure everything matches up between SFDC<>Marketo?



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Re: Best way to re-sync undeleted leads?

Hi Marcus,

In fact, if you undelete them, they will be updated. This means that they will sync with Marketo on next sync.