Best practices for Lead Scoring in a Global Instance

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Best practices for Lead Scoring in a Global Instance

When implementing Lead Scoring in a Global Instance there are a few challenges to face.

Some questions that come to mind could be:

- Are all countries following the same scoring model?

- Do we need consistency so we can compare country by country?

- Is flexibility the most important thing?

Another challenge that I have identified is:

If there Scoring Models are country or regional based. What rules can you implement so your records are not impacted by others implemented in different countries?

I have created some Inclusion Lists where I make sure that only people in the specific countries get scored by my model.

I would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions  please!

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Re: Best practices for Lead Scoring in a Global Instance

Hi Karina,

Unless you have vastly different lead process or product offerings between countries I would set up one global lead scoring model.

Once you have it setup, you than look at region by region or country by country results to see if you can pick up different trends. If there are no distinct differences, you should be able to assume that the Global model will work for your product offering. With some of our clients, we have found that while the content may be different, the interaction with content can generally be scored the same way across regions.

The way I generally like to setup lead scoring is focus on simplicity to begin and as the data starts to flow in, you can model backwards from closed/won to determine what elements actually have an impact on a sale, so that you know that if lead sees "Awesome Webinar" they buy 8 out of 10 times within 2 weeks, you know that you need a bump in lead score to reflect that.

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Re: Best practices for Lead Scoring in a Global Instance

Agree with Chris Johnston​, I have one global scoring system.

However, the demographic and firmographic piece is challenging for me outside of the US.

Karina Guerra​ I noticed you are in APAC, do you have any data partners you work with to enrich data in that region?

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Re: Best practices for Lead Scoring in a Global Instance

Hi Karina,

Businesses do this different ways - some use a global scoring program across the instance and all leads, while others may have use cases for more specific/individualized lead scoring by country, etc. If possible, it would definitely be easier to build and maintain as one global program but this decision should be discussed between the regional sales and marketing teams.

If you do decide to score with different programs, to answer your question on exclusion - you could use segments (provided data is good) OR if regionally you really do operate differently, you could possibly use workspaces and partitions.

Our recommendation is usually a mix of demographic and behavior (but to your point that's more of a challenge globally to usually pinpoint demographics) and to have to two scoring type attributes total 100%. Take into account the data attached to your closed won contacts. We like to chart it out in a worksheet because it's very important to get the sales folks' buy-in. Then this can be built out and tweaked over time based on quality and quantity of leads and any business changes.



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Re: Best practices for Lead Scoring in a Global Instance

Thank you all for your answers. 

I totally agree with you Chris Johnston​, a global model is ideal, you could also compare apples with apples for reporting.   But back to Kim Para​'s point, in our case we have different regional strategies that in many cases for the APAC region could be different even from country to country in both the demographic and behavioural world.

I have implemented an inclusion list where my model can only score leads in the specific country we have lead partitions and workspaces in place.

Yes, Darrell Alfonso​  using data partners sounds like a step that would be beneficial for us.

Thanks all for your help. It is great to share the journey with other Marketo friends.