Batch and trigger campaign reporting

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Batch and trigger campaign reporting


We want to create a dashboard for email performance using batch and trigger campaigns separately. I believe, Email Insights would provide this kind of reports. However, as a step further, we also want to branch out email performance details based on 2 broader dimensions - business categories and geographical regions. We have set up a tagging system to identify programs for both the dimensions, but users are gradually adopting to it, and therefore, not all programs are ready with these tags so using Dimensions in Email Insights is not possible at the moment. We tried a workaround to pull some data from a comination of campaign activity report + email performance report, but that is far from being 100% efficient and reliable. Any workaround? any idea? 



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Re: Batch and trigger campaign reporting

I think naming conventions are your only way to really do this. If you're having trouble getting people to adopt naming conventions, you need to figure out how to make it easier for them. You can build one in a Google Sheet to start. We had a consultancy build a web-based tool, and made it a default tile in all of the Marketing team's Okta (single signon) so it's easy to access.

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