Re: B2B Email Reputation Vendors?

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B2B Email Reputation Vendors?

Hey there,

My colleagues and I were clients of Return Path at a previous company and we benefited greatly from their sender reputation monitoring and inbox placement services. What wasn't totally clear at the time, however, is that (according to the sales reps we just spoke with), their services are mostly suited to B2C companies and much less for B2B. This wasn't a deal-breaker at the former company as our business spanned from individuals up into the enterprise, with email volume skewing towards the little guys.

We're wondering if anyone has had success with similar vendors that offer services more tailored to pure B2B orgs? Or are there any pure B2B people around that have had positive results with reputation monitoring and management with Return Path? The reps we spoke to admitted they'd only been there a short time, so it's possible they didn't have the facts straight...

We're migrating from another automation platform and will be signing/sending email from our corporate domain. We're trying to take every proactive step possible to stay ahead of issues that may impact our reputation and keep IT in our good books. Our platform also sends out email from the same domain, so said IT team is eager to gain better visibility into the impact of operational emails in addition to our marketing communications.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: B2B Email Reputation Vendors?

Hi Kevin,

Marketo offers some deliverability options, that range from dedicated IP addresses to specific option that enable you to monitor you deliverability.

The need for these not only depends on the type of business you are in bit also on the volume of emails you plan sending. Can you provide some more info on these 2 aspects?