Avatar for email address

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Avatar for email address

How to create the avatar (company logo) for email address? So users in gmail could see the avatar next to the sender name.

We have found 3 solutions:

1 - BIMI. Many articles, but no real examples. It seems it's still in testing mode. Has anybody succeed with it?

2 - Gravatar. We tried, but failed. For some reason, avatar is not shown for gmail. Any idea why? It's more than 20 hours I have created the avatar and it sill doesn't work. Should we wait more? Do you have any experience with this service?

3 - G-suite user (it works actually, but it costs about $300).

Are there any other solutions? Tips-and-tricks?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Avatar for email address

I also have this question.  I've recently noticed that larger companies are sending email with their logo as the avatar/icon.  I'd love to see a solution we can leverage in the Marketo templates.  Has anyone found a solution for this?