Re: Automatically Uploading Leads to Marketo

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Automatically Uploading Leads to Marketo

We have another website in Japan where they sometimes receive inquiries from US customers. We are looking for an easy way to get these inquiries into our Marketo Database - right now we are manually entering them. What is the best way to do this? My initial thought was an excel export from Japan that we could upload daily to Marketo - but this is still a bit of a manual effort.

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Re: Automatically Uploading Leads to Marketo

There are a few ways around this, one way is using a form that would route the data based on the country.

Another way is when the person is reviewed have them add to a campaign in SFDC.

The final way is a google doc, and zapier anything added to google doc automatically adds to a specific list.

You can also create webhooks into whatever your japan team is using.