Automatically Deleting a Bad Lead

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Automatically Deleting a Bad Lead

I've seen this being discussed before, but not recently.

We have some "gated content" acquisition channels that currently encourage a material # of obviously fraudulent leads. (People really want the video content, but not necessarily in exchange for their data.)

While we'd like a better solution on the front end, I'm trying to see if there's a flow that could auto-delete these leads as they come in. I'm a patient man, so doesn't have to be immediate.

Is there a way to create a smart list of email addresses that have been sent emails (welcome communication is deployed immediately, eg, if you're a new lead), but not *delivered* said emails? I suppose some fake addresses might hard bounce/bounce if the person uses a known domain (, but many won't ( Then we'd need a flow to rid Marketo of the addresses. (Our current MSD sync protocol doesn't allow for deletion of leads in both silos, so the crappy lead will end up in CRM.)

Any and all suggestions appreciated.