Assigning the record to a queue

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Assigning the record to a queue

Hi All,

I have nread this article here:

  • Caution: Salesforce does not allow "Contacts" to be assigned to lead queues.  In this case Marketo will create a duplicate "Lead" in Salesforce. Thus, be careful of allowing SFDC Contacts in Marketo to flow through a smart campaign using the Sync Lead to SFDC flow step and assigning the record to a queue.

What does it mean?

When we sync a contact from marketo to salesforce it will create a duplicate when using autoassignent rules?


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Re: Assigning the record to a queue

Hi Jas Jones​,

If they are a contact do they not have an owner already assigned in SFDC? This would mean you would not need to use auto assignment rules.   When you use auto assignment rules you would basically be telling the system to pass the lead to SFDC and for SFDC to use the lead routing rules to add that lead to a particular queue based upon whatever rules SFDC is using such as: adding to a queue based on Region, Job Title or Product Type.  Your sales team should then be assigning leads to themselves from those queues. You would probably only be running that type of auto assignment flow when someone has reached your MQL score. 

Most systems are set up as a mirror sync so that when you update a lead or contact in either system the updates fields are synced across automatically depending upon the sync rules SFDC Sync Details - Marketo Docs - Product Docs .

What is it you are trying to do exactly?

If your just wanting to update a lead you can always just use the Sync person to SF flow step but again the systems should be syncing with each other every 5 minutes anyway.

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Re: Assigning the record to a queue

In addition to Gerard's points:

Yes it will create a duplicate.

If you are using queues, you need to add a constraint to your sync to salesforce flow step.

Add choice: If SFDC Type IS NOT Contact, sync to salesforce, use auto assignment rules (if rules in SFDC are what you are using).

Incidentally, you should check your lead assignment rules in SFDC because they could reassign leads owned by sales to queues, even if that is not what you want.

I actually use SFDC Type IS NOT Contact;Lead, then sync.

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Re: Assigning the record to a queue

Hi All,

Thanks for the answer, Our scenario is Not all records in marketo are sync in sfdc only if they are already reach our threshold then  they will be sync to sfdc but some of our lead are created first at sfdc and sync to marketo and if it already reach our threshold the contact will be enroll in an smart campaign to sync again to sfdc. Since it is already contact and our flow to use auto assignment rules. It will create a new lead? If so adding sfdc type is not equal to contact is really helpful,