Assign Task to Opportunity Owner?

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Assign Task to Opportunity Owner?

Within a "lead" smart campaign, I am able to create a task to have our reps call a lead for instance, and "-- Assign to Lead Owner --" respectively. But in an "opportunity" smart campaign, I am unable to create a task to call a lead and "-- Assign to Opportunity Owner --". So, am I stuck either creating choices for every task to make sure these tasks are assigned to the correct opportunity owner, or creating separate smart campaigns for each opportunity owner altogether? Why isn't there a " -- Assign to Opportunity Owner --" option?

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Re: Assign Task to Opportunity Owner?

This would be challenging even in SFDC because of the way Tasks work.

i think there are some threads on this, but I don't recall ever seeing a good solution that doesn't require a lot of custom work. Perhaps you can create a field that will trigger a task like tha tin SFDC using SFDC triggers.