Anyone use SFMC Journey Builder to trigger Marketo Messages?

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Anyone use SFMC Journey Builder to trigger Marketo Messages?

We're having a debate at my company can we best get a 360 degree view of our customers, both logged in and not?

Our current setup is to have our website store the visitor data based on IP and assign a lead score.  Then we're in the starting stages of building out lead scoring in Marketo as well as in the process of building triggered campaigns in Marketo that are based on customers' statuses in Opportunities and SFDC Campaigns.  All of that information will feed up into SalesForce, and when a user logs in on the website, their session information will push up to SalesForce, too.

So, everything will push into SalesForce, and we're looking into a DMP for ads that will trigger ads based off of both the website personalization data as well as the Marketo personalization data.

Some folks here think that Journey Builder can do this for us (and we currently have a small, antiquated sliver of our business on Exact Target...yes, the classic SFMC version)....and that it can trigger Marketo messages directly.  In my limited experience with SFMC that isn't possible, but I'm looking for people to tell me differently?

Any ideas?