Anybody experience issue triggering lead queue notification in SFDC for a new lead.

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Anybody experience issue triggering lead queue notification in SFDC for a new lead.


We assign new leads to a queue in Salesforce succesfully, but have issues with SFDC sending the notifications (Using a single process in SFDC, opposed to a Marketo triggered notification)....and here's a response I eventually got from SFDC.

On review of the example Lead we were provided where no assignment email notification was sent earlier, I've seen that the Assignment Rules were triggered by the User "Marketo Sales Insight" when the Lead was created. 


The "Marketo Sales Insight" User appears to be an integration user that only logs in via the API. 


When a Lead is created via the API, the API call would need to include: 


* "AssignmentRuleHeader" to trigger the Assignment Rules. 


* "EmailHeader" with "triggerUserEmail" set to 'true' to generate assignment notification emails. 


If AssignmentRuleHeader is specified, and EmailHeader is not specified, then the records will be assigned but no assignment notifications will be sent to the record owners. 


This appears to be the behavior you are encountering. 


We can verify this is the case by verifying whether assignment email notifications are correctly sent/received when the Lead Assignment is triggered in the User Interface rather than by the Marketo Sales Insight integration. 


If triggering assignment by creating or editing a Lead record, and saving with the "Assign using active assignment rules" box checked, does assign the Lead and successfully send an email, then we will have confirmation that the assignment rules themselves do function as expected, and the issue is definitely that the Marketo Sales Insight API integration is not triggering user emails when triggering lead assignment rules. 


Note: For an application like Marketo Sales Insight, I would expect (though I cannot confirm) that there is a setting in that application which controls whether user emails are sent. That said, Marketo Sales Insight is a third party tool and is not supported by Salesforce Support, so I can not provide direction on how to locate or change such a setting. Please consult your product documentation for the Marketo Sales Insight integration, or contact Marketo Sales Insight Support if you need assistance. 


If you need assistance with testing the assignment rule notifications when the rules are triggered in the User Interface, kindly confirm that I have permission to create and assign test Lead records for testing purposes. 

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Re: Anybody experience issue triggering lead queue notification in SFDC for a new lead.

We used SFDC round robin assignment rules to individual owners rather than a lead queue and it seemed to work well and send the "You have a new lead" notifications most of the time.  However, when we switched to assigning owners based on the first letters of the company name (to ensure only 1 salesperson following up on all the leads from that company), we disabled the assignment rule in SFDC and created a smart campaign that changes the owner and sends an alert email.  That process also works well.  I would open a support case with Marketo tech support and provide them the info above, to ensure the Salesforce integration guru at Marketo sees this and responds.
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Re: Anybody experience issue triggering lead queue notification in SFDC for a new lead.

As this post seems to be very old. So for the benefit of other readers, below is the setup available in Marketo for this issue to Send notification through Lead Assignment in Salesforce when Lead is created in Marketo and synced.

Marketo > Admin > Integration > Salesforce > Sync Options, on Trigger Email Notification select the option "Send email notification to owner in Salesforce upon lead assignment".