Re: Any Use BIMI?

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Any Use BIMI?

I have been reading more and more about BIMI and was curious if anything is using it. I know it only works on Yahoo right now but if other people are using id like to see how its working for them.

How Do I Build and Publish a BIMI DNS Record?

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Re: Any Use BIMI?

I submitted a couple of my larger clients for BIMI (and Microsoft Business Profile Beta) signoff once after each were introduced because they are major consumer brands. I've yet to hear back from either program. The educated guess in the larger email community is that Gmail's JSON-LD annotations will likely supersede both of these programs in the next year or two, though those don't have DNS-level authentication and thus are a bit more of a wildcard.

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Re: Any Use BIMI?

We're looking into this as well. Any updates from anyone would be great.