Anomaly with Open Rate (1.0%?)

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Anomaly with Open Rate (1.0%?)

Hello! We have been sending out email for more than 4 years through different providers and this is the first instance I have ever seen of this nature. So, I am seeking help from the community to troubleshoot this anomaly.

We sent out 4 different cross sell emails last week all with the same email template (just different product offerings). One of the sends achieved a 1% open rate! To put things in perspective, all of the other sends achieved about 30%. Now the clicks weren't as abnormal and achieved about half of the response as the other sends. And, the deliverability rate was in-line with the other sends at around 94%.

I know that open rate is not a true interpretation of the success of the campaign because of the technical definition of an actual "open" (considering preview panes and images), but 1% is extremely low.  The other 3 cross sell sends could also function as a control in this instance because it was a random split of our customer base. The send that achieved the 1% did not contain any anomalies (no geographic or device variance to the other sends) in the list.

Any thoughts on this? Could it potentially be a technical/reporting issue with Marketo?

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Re: Anomaly with Open Rate (1.0%?)

Can you run a smart list of

Opened Email X ?

And see the count vs. Delivered?

This method isn't 100% the same, but it might show up any anomalies before you contact support.