Annual Marketo Program and SFDC Campaign - Best Practices?

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Annual Marketo Program and SFDC Campaign - Best Practices?

Hi -

We have 10 media campaigns in 2017 and each has a Marketo program built specifically to track acquisition and engagement. Each of the program has a specific SFDC campaign associated in the setting summary. Moving into 2018, we will continue to have the same media programs but I would like to track 2018 lead gen separately. So I keep the 10 media programs in Marketo, cloned the 10 SFDC campaigns to create 10 SFDC 2018 campaigns.

But I realized by simply replacing the 2017 SFDC campaign association in the program setting summary, I will basically add all 2017 program members in the media programs to the 2018 SFDC campaign.

I am afraid by just adding a flow step to associate members in the program flow step (rather than in the campaign setting summary) will miss the summary details.

Do I need to clone the 2017 media programs in Marketo and create 2018 ones for this purpose?

Any best practices you could share?

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Re: Annual Marketo Program and SFDC Campaign - Best Practices?

if you're utilizing the "salesforce campaign sync" on the program summary tab, then yes, it sounds like you'll need to duplicate your programs for 2018 as well.

If you were utilizing flow steps instead of salesforce campaign sync, then you could get away without having to clone your marketo programs and just change the flow.

Can you expand on what 'summary details' you think you will be missing? I'm not sure I follow that part.

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Re: Annual Marketo Program and SFDC Campaign - Best Practices?

Thank you. It's good to get a reassurance. I think I am going with utilizing flow steps so to save us some manual work every year.

The summary details include the total member count, acquired by, socially acquired, program status. Now thinking about it again, I will still be able to see the total stats of all activities from all years combined (which is the beauty of it). And for performance year by year, I can always go to SFDC to get the information from the corresponding campaigns. Is that correct?

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Re: Annual Marketo Program and SFDC Campaign - Best Practices?

JD is referring to the Salesforce Campaign Sync on the summary page of you program.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 8.32.57 AM.png

If it is not set, you can adjust the flow steps to change the SFDC campaign that the leads sync to. However, if you have set the SFDC campaign at the program level, then you will want to clone those programs and create "2018 programs" that sync to your new SFDC campaigns.

For the record, I actually think regardless of whether or not you've synced the SFDC campaign at the program level that you should create new programs for this year. Trying to reuse programs over multiple years will get messy and be tough to report on. Cloning is so simple so I recommend creating a 2018 Media Programs folder and cloning the programs in there.