Analyzing Exhausted Nurture Content

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Analyzing Exhausted Nurture Content

Hi everyone,

I'm still a novice at this Marketo thing... and need some help figuring out reporting.

I'm looking for a way to isolate leads in my nurture/engagement campaigns who have exhausted their content for a period of 30, 60, & 90 days and run a report on them.

I've been able to make a smart list that pulls the leads that have exhausted them in the last 30 days but not the former.

Does anyone have any ideas to pull that data?



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Re: Analyzing Exhausted Nurture Content

Hi Christopher,

I would recommend that you create three Smart Lists to analyze each time period for your content exhaustion.  Unfortunately, the activity log for email receipts is only maintained for 90 days. 

30 day report:

Member of engagement program, content is exhausted AND was sent email is [Last email in your stream] in past 30 days.

60 day report:

Same as 30 day report -- set the was sent email filter to 60 days.

90 day report:

Set was sent email filter to 90 days.

Beyond 90 days:

Any leads that are exhausted but are not members of the 30, 60, or 90 day Smart Lists.