Re: Allowing Duplicates for Event Registration

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Allowing Duplicates for Event Registration

Hello there,
   if we want to create a simple event registration form that allows for duplicate emails, how can this be done?

We used Marketo recently, and some people within the company used the same email as someone else, and of course the result is Marketo over wrote the previous entry with the new one.

How do we work around this?

I cannot turn off the deduping funciton in Admin as we share an instance with our counterparts in other countries and that would adversely affect their campaigns.  We do have our own workspace and partition, if that helps.


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Re: Allowing Duplicates for Event Registration

If you contact Support, we can set up a custom deduplication rule so it creates a new lead during form fillout and list import if they have a different Last Name, even if the email address is the same. It may take us a few days because we need to escalate it.