Advice for Task Assignment Programs

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Advice for Task Assignment Programs

We've started moving to using tasks more heavily with our sales team. Unfortunately, we don't use the Lead or Account Owner fields to track who should receive these tasks/who manages these accounts though so creating tasks is a more manual/elaborate process. Right now we use fields on the account object to track the opener, AE, and CSM for a particular account. We have task programs that individually list out each CSM, AE, and Openers name (50+ email addresses). Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping these programs up to date or any other ways to structure these task programs? Right now, it becomes difficult to track when someone is promoted or departs and task assignment is often incorrect.

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Re: Advice for Task Assignment Programs

Hey Wintha,

Its a dilly of a pickle you're in. The basic functionality for task assignment basically only allows you to use the Lead/Account owner as a token to use the "native" functionality.

If you can't encourage the change in your organization, and you're going to have to continue using the custom fields, I would suggest that you at least centralize the creation of tasks to a single campaign which you can call from anywhere, and then use tokens on the lead level to populate the task details. It doesn't solve the problem of having to manage the 50 choice IF, but it means you can centralize the function in a single place.


Trigger: Fills out form


Change value: Task_Subject, Task_Description

Request Campaign: Assign Task to custom owner

Goes to:

Trigger: Campaign is requested


IF owner custom field = owner 1 create task for owner 1 subject = {{lead.task_subject}}, description = {{lead.task_description}}


This allows you to use a single flow for ALL task assignments, according to your custom field method, but in a way that the task itself will present itself differently and still provide a manageable tool for your sales team.

Hope this helps

- Guy