Advanced Thank you page

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Advanced Thank you page


I am trying to creat a simple form with 4 fields.

Name: Company Email & Collateral. however the 4th label Collateral is a Checkboxes option and has 5 documents in it.

In the advanced Thank you page I am able to define 5 different links to the checkboxes (Choosing if condition), I tried the form fill out with individual check boxes - the links are working fine, however when i choose multiple Checkboxes , and do a submit, there is no action.  Can any one help on this?

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Re: Advanced Thank you page

Marketo can only send someone to 1 page based off the 1 value of the field. So if someone selects more than one box, that's not going to work right.

Can you share a screenshot? That would help me understand exactly the kind of checkbox you want to display. You might find a select works better for this.