Advanced Logic Question

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Advanced Logic Question

Good Day All - I am curious as to see if anyone can add any clarity to this question.  I have created an advanced filter that says 1 and (2 or 3).  The logic in the smart list is:

1.  Filled out form - xxxx

2.  Email address NOT contains - xxxx

3. Company name NOT contains - xxx

When I run this smart list the results returns leads that have both the NOT email address and the NOT Company Name for the same record.  I guess I could see if they had one or the other but not both.  When I reorder the logic to be (1 or 2) and 3 it works just fine.  

When I reorder the logic to be (1 or 2) and 3 it works just fine.  

1.  Email address NOT contains - xxxx

2. Company name NOT contains - xxxx

3. Filled out form - xxxx

So this has peaked my interest as to why the original logic does not work.  My thought is it has something to do with the NOTs.  Any insight into this would be much appreciated.  Thanks

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Re: Advanced Logic Question

NOT Was filters return everyone without that condition.

That is DIFFERENT than saying

Email Address NOT CONTAINS ="X"

Marketo also filters from top to bottom, so that may be an issue here, although they are logically the same.  Using OR will provide you with people who meet either or both conditions, so it is possible to get only people with both if that's true in your db.

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Re: Advanced Logic Question

Hi Eric,

This is weird. Can you provide screenshots?