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Advanced Logic Error



I am building a smart campaign and the smartlist has 4 filters.


Anyone who qualifies for any 2 filters should qualify to run through the flow step.


The logic I want to see is 

(1 and 2) or ( 1 and 3) or ( 1 and 4) or(2 and 3) or( 2 and 4 ) or(3 and 4 ) . This logic is giving me error - Not saved, repeated filter: 1


So, I tried 

(1 and ( 2 or 3 or 4)) or(2 and (3 or 4 )) or(3 and 4 ). This logic is also giving me error - Not saved, repeated filter: 2


I may have more number of filters, so really want to make this work.


Could someone please suggest the best way to write this logic.





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Re: Advanced Logic Error


We can't use a particular filter more than once in the advanced logic, I believe. However if you can explain what exactly you want to achieve with the filters (giving the details of the filters used), would be happy to help.


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Re: Advanced Logic Error

Hey @S_D1!


You won't be able to get the smart list to render with repeating filters in your logic (such as referencing '2' in your logic more than once). A way to get around this is to duplicate your filters in the smart list builder. So, let's say you had "filled out any form in last 30 days" as your 1st filter. You could drag that same filter in again, thereby creating two filters that have the same "filled out any form" logic. That way you have unique filters to reference in your filter logic, though they are both referencing the same activity.


Another way to get at what you're looking to do would be to create nested smart lists of criteria, and then pull into a larger list. You could break up (1 and ( 2 or 3 or 4)) into a list, (2 and (3 or 4 )) into a list, and (3 and 4 ) into a list. (keep in mind all of these numbers would change in your logic since each list would start with filter 1, not 2 or 3). Then your larger list would say "is a member of smart list 1, or smart list 2, or smart list 3." The big caveat here is that nested smart lists aren't necessarily recommended. They can slow down processing, so if you're going to use them, it would be better with smaller groups of person records.


Posting a screen shot of your filters could help with this discussion so we can reference specific criteria instead of the numbers πŸ™‚


Good luck!