Adding Multiple Linkedin Account with Marketo

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Adding Multiple Linkedin Account with Marketo

Is it possible to integrate multiple Linkedin accounts with a Marketo instance using the Launchpoint service? or any other way to achieve this?

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Re: Adding Multiple Linkedin Account with Marketo

I know the Launchpoint service will only let you connect 1 of each service, so you can only have a single LinkedIn connector as far as I'm aware.

I would try giving the integration user (i.e. the user who's credentials are used when setting up the Launchpoint matched audiences service) access to multiple LinkedIn accounts. When you push your lists via AdBridge, there is a drop down that lets you pick to which account/list you want to send the audience. I would suspect that in that drop down, if your user has access to multiple LinkedIn accounts, you'd be able to direct the audience to the appropriate account, but I have never personally used multiple in my own instance.

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Re: Adding Multiple Linkedin Account with Marketo

I know that this is very outdated. But thought I would reply for any future people looking for this answer. 

Yes you can add multiple LinkedIn Accounts to your Marketo. It's dependent on the connecting User and the permissions of that user on LinkedIn. If you do not have the correct user permissions in your ad account in LinkedIn then you won't be able to select that Ad Account.


You will receive an option like this to select the accounts tied to the user who is authorizing the LinkedIn Lead Gen LaunchPoint service.


Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 2.41.05 PM.png