Adding CSS to landing page

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Adding CSS to landing page

I am very novice when it comes to working with CSS and HTML elements, however, I would like to apply some style elements to just one specific landing page that is using the Blank Landing Page template.

My problem is, I don't know what elements are defined already in containers or anything really, so I don't know where I need to start the code.

I know there is a drag and drop HTML button, but when working inside of that, I don't know what code to start with and I've been experimenting for a while and grew frustrated so I thought I would ask the experts!

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Re: Adding CSS to landing page

HI Kevin,

This is not the right way to go. You should use a guided landing page template, not the old free form one with absolute positioning and terrible mobile capabilities.

In Marketo, as a global rule (and there are some exceptions) CSS should be added at template level, not at LP level.


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Re: Adding CSS to landing page

If you must - publish the page, visit the page and open your browser's inspector tool to find the class or id for the elements you want to change. In FF, Chrome and IE, you can right click anywhere on a page and click "Inspect".

If you're more advanced, you can drag a html wysiwyg element onto the landing page canvas and write all of your code in there including setting your own IDs, classes, CSS and scripts. If you're confident in trying this, just letting you know there are default CSS settings you'll need to overwrite to make the html container style the way you want.