Adding a second domain - email spam implications?

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Adding a second domain - email spam implications?

Hey all - we're going to be changing the core domain of our company from uTest to Applause.  At the same time, we're going to be continuing to support - not so much from a landing page side but definitely from an email perspective.  My question is this: will changing the Cname on email from to and THEN sending email to uTest folks, will this email:
  1. Have any indication that it is coming from Applause?
  2. Get a higher spam score because of the domain difference?
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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Re: Adding a second domain - email spam implications?

Hi Damian,

The world will see this as a new domain. You may be on a different IP which could also have implications for your sender score.

I would treat this as a new domain and ramp up the email according to best practices.

You should warn your regular users that the domain is changing and to add the new email address to their address books. There's no guarantee a new domain will make it through every spam filter...they look at content too.

Try this page

and here