Add to SFDC Campaign Error due to program link

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Add to SFDC Campaign Error due to program link

I have an event program created for a webinar. This is linked to an SFDC campaign where if someone registers/attends we see them show up.  Within the program I created an email program to send an email invite to leads.  I imported a list to the email program and tried to select all and add to SFDC campaign.  I am getting the following error: Skipped execution due to that the SFDC campaign {04/16/2015(Webinar) Prospect Spain} was linked with a program

I understand that the campaign is linked to a program, however this additional email program rests within the overarching webinar event proram.  I wanted to add them with the status "invited". Does any have ideas on how this can be done or why I am getting an error?
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Re: Add to SFDC Campaign Error due to program link

I think the blurb from the article below will answer your question. I interpret it as you lose the ability to make these updates with smart campaigns by activating the campaign synch feature.


CAUTION: Syncing your Marketo Program with a Salesforce Campaign skips the followingSalesforce Actions if they are configured within the Flow of your Program's Child Campaigns:Add to SFDC CampaignChange Status in SFDC CampaignRemove from SFDC Campaign, and Sync Lead to SFDC Campaign. Program to Campaign sync automatically takes care of these data updates.