Add Snippets to Segments in an Email

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Re: Add Snippets to Segments in an Email

Hi Sean,

You CANNOT add a snippet within a segmentation.  You either have to Segment the snippet when you create it, or do your Option A.

You can't do a dynamic segmentation and then add a snippet to that segmentation. Its not possible.



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Re: Add Snippets to Segments in an Email

While Juli is partially correct in this answer, you can still use a snippet in Dynamic segmentation.

  1. Have your editable region start in the static area
  2. You MUST apply the same segmentation to your snippet as you are using in your email
  3. Once your snippet is segmented and approved, right click the editable region and select "Replace with snippet"

Your snippet will now filter into all of your dynamic segments in your email. I use this on a daily basis and it will work. Biggest key is that your segmentation MUST be the same on both sides, the snippet and the email.

I hope this is not too late and you can implement this into your process.