Re: AdBridge Integration Not Working

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AdBridge Integration Not Working

Hello Marketo Community,

Has anyone else repeatedly had issues with integrating AdBridge for LinkedIn and Facebook lead gen forms? We have exhausted all troubleshooting options:

-Ensure the FB/LI account that authorizes the Launchpoint/Adbridge connection has all necessary leag gen manager and business page permissions

-Connect a new FB/LI account that authorizes the integration with all necessary permissions

-Remove and re-add the Launchpoint set-up again

-Submit Marketo support tickets

-Work with LI and FB reps to troubleshoot

-Submit test forms

-Activate the FB/LI campaigns with budget behind it to see if a live form would work

This was our second go around in one year to try to get the AdBridge integration working for leads who fill out the lead gen forms and we've had zero luck. The leads don't automatically sync to Marketo which then requires us to conduct manual list uploads. Anyone else have a trick up their sleeves that I have not already listed?


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Re: AdBridge Integration Not Working

Hey Jamie - we are also having this issue, except we did get it connected and it's been working fine for the past year. However, in the past two weeks it has completely broke and now like you said is only updating leads that already exist in marketo. If that's how the "integration" works then it's not really an integration at all. I have also tried all the steps you outlined and still no luck.

Does anyone know the answer to this?

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Re: AdBridge Integration Not Working

Thanks for sharing your experience with AdBridge as well. Although unfortunate it's not working, it validates we're not the only one having issues.

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Re: AdBridge Integration Not Working

We are also facing the same issue, we are getting leads with empty email address. Marketo is working to get this issue fixed.

To try to resolve this issue, you can refresh the integration ( launchpoint) and re-map the fields. As, now for Linkedin you have to update the field mapping to " Work email" from email.

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Re: AdBridge Integration Not Working

Hi Jamie,

This is a really wide-spread issue! We experienced the same with both FB & LI. However, leads started flowing in after sending in test leads in most cases and haven't noticed anything wrong recently.

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Re: AdBridge Integration Not Working

We continue have numerous issues. Most common are:

  • Newly exposed forms (which have a test lead submitted) do not push fields to field mapping
  • Newly exposed forms do not appear in smart list drop-downs (even though you can login as the integration user and see them)
  • Integrated forms do not always sync records over
  • Shared audience lists do not populate in the update window, only create new

We've done all the normal tricks, even created a new user with the same issues. My hunch is there is a timeout feature because we have so many pages/forms/audiences but Support hasn't been able to confirm. A handful of tickets and we're still unable to fix the issue. 

Meanwhile our Performance Marketing team has built out an API integration to replace this functionality and all their functionality works perfectly fine without having to make any updates.