Accurate Link Click Counts

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Accurate Link Click Counts

How does everyone combat "link scanners" and get accurate link click counts? I've read the pieces in the community on link scanners but can't see to find the right solutions. We run a daily newsletter with paid advertising. One of the ads is a leader board, across the top of the email. When I pull the stats, it is showing 1400 clicks. We know that isn't right, 10-20 is about average for us. When I dug a little deeper, most of the clicks are coming before the email is delivered which leads me to believe it is a link scanner.

What kind of report, list, campaign, etc. can I set up to get an accurate count? Appreciate the help and guidance!

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Re: Accurate Link Click Counts

Certainly a link scanner. Clicks before Delivery or a lot within the same time stamp are spam clickers.

I believe several people posted possible solutions to that. Until Marketo adjusts their click logging for this situation, you'll have to run smart lists to account for that.