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ABM AccountAI

Is anyone using the AccountAI (powered by Mintigo) capability within the Marketo ABM Module? Curious to learn how others are setting the model and ICPs up, the value realized, etc. I haven't found the model to be very intuitive and find Product Docs lacking.

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Re: ABM AccountAI

Hi Nick, 

Account Profiling (previously named AccountAI) is a Mintigo powered capability to score your Named Accounts based on lookalike models.  Can you specify your questions around the functionality?  Happy to answer.  

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Re: ABM AccountAI

Hi, We also just got our ABM subscription and I haven't had enough documentation covering all these topics. There's a course on ABM in marketo University, I woder if that covers this topic.

I'd like to believe taking that course would be a good place to start! Details here -