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AB Testing Event programs

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to AB Test the Event programs ? Please suggest .

Thank you in advance!

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Re: AB Testing Event programs

You need to be a little more specific.  If you're referring to the event invitation, you can include a nested "email send program" within an events program so that you can use automated A/B testing.  But I wouldn't recommend it.  Just because I know how most marketers will often come back and want to do multiple waves of invitation sends.  An email send program is only good for a single send.  Therefore we just use regular emails and smart campaigns to support the multiple waves.

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Re: AB Testing Event programs

Hi Dan,

I have the same/similar question. I have a webinar program set up as event. I'd like to test subject line for my 2nd invite send. I know how to A/B test in email programs, but obviously events are set up differently, via multiple smart campaigns. To clarify, what you're saying is that there is no way to do this in an event program, but as a work around you are suggesting (but not recommending) an email send program within the events program? How would that be accomplished? I'm just surprised there is no way to a/b test subject lines for event invitations. Thanks in advance!

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Re: AB Testing Event programs

I'd disagree with characterising nested email programs as a "workaround"! It's how it is done, and it works well. In place of a smart campaign to run your invitation blast, you use a nested email program in the event program instead, and use the A/B testing functionality within this email program. Yes, if you want to do multiple waves of invitations you will need multiple email programs within the event to do it, but if you were A/B testing each wave you'd want to do that anyway.

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Re: AB Testing Event programs

Old thread - but was curious if there would be any reporting issues associated with doing this? My Ops team is wants to send using nested email programs under an event program in order to take advantage of sending for local time zone.  My question is does this negatively impact any reporting?  Or do we need to make sure those "email send" programs that are nested get added to the event channel?  Also any chance of double reporting in revenue explorer using this method?