A recipient can only receive an email once

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A recipient can only receive an email once

I want to be able to make sure that any record can only receive a given email one time. I understand that there is the setting for a lead to only be allowed to run through a flow one time, rather than every time, but this is a little different. We have different campaigns that may use the same email. For example a white paper invite email may be sent to a list in one campaign, and that same email may be triggered to send in a different campaign that looks for product interest changes. Is there a way to set that specification on the email, itself, rather than on the smart campaign that is sending that email?

There is the option to add the "NOT was delivered email" constraint in the send email flow step, but when we have multiple version for A/B testing purposes, then including both versions in the constraint will still send them the email because, as I understand it, the values are an OR operation. In other words, if they already received the email by way of version 1, then they will still qualify for the send email flow step since they did not receive version 2. That will essentially send them the same email twice (minus whatever minor differences there may have been through the A/B testing). Is there a way to simplify having someone NOT receive a specific email sent from any campaign?

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