A/B Tests and Flows

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A/B Tests and Flows

I recently created an email program with an A/B subject line test. An accompanying flow was built to add those who clicked the link to a list and to the corresponding SFDC campaign. When I run the identical flow without the A/B test it works perfectly. When I run it with the A/B test it doesn't work at all. Any thoughts on why this might be happening and how to fix it? My guess it is an easy fix I just don't know the answer. Thanks!

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Re: A/B Tests and Flows

From prior experience, I believe you have to:

In your Send Campaign: under Flow tab hit the + Button and your logic should be

Choice 1: if: Random Sample - Is - 50 - Email:Test A name

Default Choice: Test B name

This is saying 50% will receive test a and the other 50 will receive test b.

Hope that helps!