A/B Testing in a flow/stream?

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A/B Testing in a flow/stream?


New to Marketo and I've been attempting to find a way to add a true A/B test to a flow or stream, is this not possible? I see the Champion/Challenger as an option but that doesn't allow for me to select a percentage of my audience to test nor does it allow for the remaining leads to receive the winning A/B test.

Has anyone been able to figure this out? Does Marketo not have this feature?

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Re: A/B Testing in a flow/stream?

Hello Tony,

Because there is no way to make leads in a stream wait for the test to complete, you can't do the sort of batch A/B testing you are describing in a stream.  The Champion/Challenger tests everyone that passes through it, with X% being sent the Challenger and the remaining Y% being sent the Champion.  Once you declare a new Champion (or select the existing Champion to continue) that Champion is then sent to all future leads that pass through that stream.

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Re: A/B Testing in a flow/stream?

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Re: A/B Testing in a flow/stream?

It certainly provides a sample size and allows a Champion. Everyone in the Stream who NEXT gets the email will receive the winner. It works as designed.

Now for Triggers, it works the same way - the next leads that come in will receive the Winner.