You don't really need to Wait for {{Member.Webinar URL}}

Level 10 - Community Moderator
Level 10 - Community Moderator

Isn't it annoying to add a Wait step before sending a registration confirmation, crossing your fingers that the provider has phoned home with the {{Member.Webinar URL}} token?


I've always hated this step. Not only because of the experience for the end user, who might think you've forgotten about them, but on a pure technical level. Techies hate timers that are “probably sufficient”: we want tools that are predictable, not best-case guesses with fatal downsides. Not only might a 15 minute Wait not be sufficient under load,  there's no Wait that will fix a major problem with the integration, so users will eventually get an email with a big blank in the middle anyway.


What if I told you you don't need to hold off on such emails at all?


Instead, set up an LP in the webinar program that redirects to the {{Member.Webinar URL}}. Send them a link to that LP with no delay. Unless it's very close to the webinar's start time, most people aren't going to click a Join Webinar link right away, so you've got lots of breathing room for the API to sync up the {{Member.}} token.


When they do click the email, you'll be ready for them and will immediately bounce them over to the webinar, hands-free.  If it does happen that the URL isn't yet ready when they click, well, you weren't going to get it to them any quicker with an arbitrary delay! You can give them a countdown timer and reload the page in 30 seconds, and you can send them a follow-up email since you know they're eager (that second email might as well have a Wait step, I guess).


Here's the briefest possible copypasta to add to that LP:

<style type="text/css">
.webinar-pending-note {
  display: none;
[data-url-ready-state="pending"] .webinar-pending-note {
  display: block;
var memberWebinarURL = "{{Member.Webinar URL}}";
if ( memberWebinarURL ) {
  document.location.href = memberWebinarURL;
  // just for completeness
} else {
<div class="webinar-pending-note">
Your customized webinar URL is still being assembled.
Please refresh this page or re-click the email link in a few minutes!


More ideas

Once the LP is in place, you can extend the user experience in several ways:


1. As noted above, you can add a periodic document.location.reload(true) in case they did hit the page before the API phoned home.

2. You can adapt some of my Redirector Page JS to add a progress indicator before reloading. Note sending leads to the Webinar Redirector LP also enables Munchkin tracking, which is a benefit in its own right.

3. You can add Agical Add to Calendar links to the page, referencing the {{Member.Webinar URL}} using the alternate separator syntax originally designed for this very case.

4. If you want to send the lead an Add to Calendar link that works from the start, then reference the Redirector LP's URL in your .ICS file or Agical link, not the {{Member.Webinar URL}}.

5. You can retarget the lead with rich contextual content if they land on the page after the webinar is over (check another {{my.}} token that stores the event date) or well before it begins, instead of taking them to this beautiful page:☺


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Hi Sanford,

neat one!

I would probably make is a distinct LP template and make the webinar-pending-note div editable , then add such a page to every webinar program template.


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Of course, styling and organization is up to the user. This is more a reassurance that such an approach is technically possible (and clears up some misinfo about whether this token works on LPs).

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Ticket coming your way

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Hi Sanford, I currently use WebEx and am very interested in trying to get the unique join url to load on marketo registration thank you LP. Any updates or pitfalls on this since you posted this?

I have thought about switching to something like Zoom and handling registration and regi conf thank you page on that side so they could get the join url immediately. Then use webhook and to push to marketo custom data object just to solve this problem. But posts on the community are a bit mixed on this and dated so maybe they've fixed things up on the zoom end. Obviously sticking with Webex in short term is easiest for me now if I could have join url load for user on the marketo LP, instead of relying on confirmation email.


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Are you using the WebEx integration? If so it'll work fine.

Zoom is definitely not better for this part because it has no many-to-one feature built in.

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Yes, using the webex integration. Thanks for the solution; we will probably give it a go. If I was going to switch to Zoom, I was thinking I would handle registration in Zoom instead of Marketo. Then there is no wait for the member url on zoom thank you LP as you know.

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Does this still work from a link in a calendar invite? Will the landing page recognize the user if it wasn't from a link click with the latest security updates?