Update to Filtering bot activity [Feb 2023]

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hello Nation,


As most of you know, we have launched two identification methods for email bot activities:

  • Identification based on Proximity Pattern (Here is the last update we made - link)
  • Identification based on the IAB list


IAB list - is a list of IPs and User-Agents that are identified as bots by industry leaders. This list gets refreshed every 2 months, where new IPs and User-agents get included in the filtering list.


In addition to these two methods, we have created and maintained an exclusive list of IPs that generate millions of fake engagements. Any engagement received from these IPs is automatically filtered out and not added to your Marketo Engage Instance. We meticulously analyze and scrutinize every IP before adding it to our list, ensuring only the most critical and harmful IPs are blocked.

Recently, we identified a list of IPs generating significant bot activity. After conducting a thorough internal analysis, we confirmed that these are bots generating thousands of fake email activities. As a result, we added these IPs to our block IPs list and deployed the changes to production on February 14, 2023.


Here is the list of IPs that were blocked on February 14, 2023:


As of February 14, 2023, any activities matching these IPs are automatically blocked and will not be logged into your Adobe Marketo Engage instance. This may result in a reduction of email opens, clicks, and other related activities from the aforementioned date.


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