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Unleashing Insights Dashboard - Sales Insight reloaded with new features and a bold new look!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee


Sales Insight prepares sales reps at every stage of the revenue cycle to drive the right revenue results. It equips sellers with a deeper understanding of customer needs and interests, resulting in more meaningful discussions. Great! But what’s the word on the street? We went out and spoke to many of you, our Sales Insight users.  


  • “A Sales Insight Dashboard or landing page would reduce dwell time for our AE’s”  
  • “I want to see all my Sales Insight information in 1 tab unless I want to drill down into a specific type of activity”  
  • “Ability group activities by account level so SDR can go to AE with this information would be helpful” 
  • “Time from wanting to send an email to actually sending email is really long” 

Alright, we hear you. In addition to increased productivity and more insights, sellers need to understand what's happening across the account to build trust and relationships with the buying team. 


We put our heads together to build a feature that is highly visual, easy to understand, and has a unified engagement timeline. Subscribe, Preview, Email, Watchlist, Filtering by activity type – every action is just a simple click. 


Insights Dashboard takes it a step further - sales teams are now equipped with engagement that has occurred in the past and upcoming engagement through email campaigns and events. Get more information to your sales teams WITHOUT any extra work! Admit it, you're now wondering if this feature is counting against your REST API quota. We've got you covered, no double dipping - so no additional charges if you choose to use this feature. Yup, all you need to do is upgrade your salesforce package, plugin your API credentials and you're good to go.  


Here’s a sneak peek of the new capabilities that were released* 

  • Contact & Account Activity Timeline - A highly visual summary of customer activities, across channels. You can quickly understand engagement velocity over time, identify trends and even understand preferred channel 
  • Engagement Details - You can easily access additional activity details when you want to dive a little deeper 
  • Account Activity Views - Gain even more insight by putting the prospect activities in the context of overall account activity. Easily overlay account and buyer group activity insights with one simple click, and access account activity details, from the same tab 
  • Upcoming Email Campaigns and Events - Gain visibility into upcoming marketing events and campaigns. Make recommendations based on customer needs and interests. This allows sellers to act as a trust advisor, making conversations more relevant and ultimately drive more pipeline 

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Pretty neat, huh? Let's zoom in a bit to see what is an upcoming event! Sales reps can now see an event their contact has been invited or list of all upcoming events (if their admin has given them access). Looks like this contact didn't make the cut 🙂 

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You can also see list of all email programs scheduled in your Marketo Engage instance, with marketing air cover you can reach out with meaningful content rather and repetitive emails.  

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OK, I know what you’re thinking! I don't want my sales team to see all this information, they are not ready for this!! Don't worry, we have got you covered. 


We understand that different teams have different needs. So, we included enhanced levels of governance allow admins the ability to customize specific features for specific teams. Sales Insight Configuration page in Salesforce includes several new admin options!  

  • Action drop-down: Ability to hide Send Marketo Engage email and Add to Marketo Engage Campaign options 
  • Upcoming Email Campaigns and Events: Ability to show invited events, all events to users or completely hide this tab 
  • Tab Settings: Choose the order in which you want to see your favourite MSI tabs 

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We have now included a “Give Feedback link so you can provide feedback and continue to influence future innovation of sales insight. Well, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your Sales Insight experience today! 

For more details about Sales Insight visit these links. 


*Available only in Salesforce (Classic and Lightning)

Level 2

Great info, excited to see MSI get some much need love. FYI: the "Upgrading Your MSI Package  " link is broken

Marketo Employee

@Eric Thanks for letting us know, the link has been updated. 


Level 10 - Champion Alumni

What's the ETA for this to be updated on the MS D365 side?

Level 10

Looks like great upgrades! I'm happy to see this package getting attention again. I particularly like the idea of event registration being listed separately - it's so important right now.

Regarding displaying upcoming email campaigns, it's a nice idea but since it's displaying all email campaigns, rather than just those the lead/contact qualifies for, it seems like that will cause a lot of confusion and be more harmful than helpful. I'm struggling to see how it could be useful unless specific to the lead, contact, or account. However, it looks like I can just disable that in the new admin controls!

Level 1

Wish it only showed upcoming emails/events for people who were members of the smart campaign and/or event program. Including everything on your calendar is extremely confusing for sales. 

Level 1

That looks pretty interesting...can not wait to work with it.

Level 1

The links provided at the end of this post no longer are working.

Marketo Employee

@micheleprather  The links have been updated