Tips for the New MCE (Marketo Certified Expert) Exam

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I just recently renewed my Marketo Certified Expert status with the latest iteration of the certification exam. It's quite a bit different from the previous versions, so I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of topics you should know:

  • Understand how inherited tokens work
  • Review the A/B testing functionality in the email program, including the dashboard, and know the steps to setting up a subject line test
  • Understand what happens if you add a new piece of content into a stream of the engagement program when someone is exhausted content
  • Understand how to transition someone from one stream to another in an engagement program
  • Understand approaches to resetting the score of a lead
  • Understand operational emails versus promotional emails
  • Know the types of tokens and where each can be used
  • Know how custom columns work in a report
  • Know that you use a lead performance report to measure database growth over time
  • Know that you use a landing page performance report to measure form conversions
  • Know the difference between Marketo and an ESP
  • Know how Marketo handles soft bounces versus hard bounces
  • Know what the value of a text version of the email is
  • Know what marketing suspended is for
  • Know what a local asset is (in a program) versus a global asset (in Design Studio)
  • Know what data you need to have in order to track cost per success
  • Know what you can see on the engagement program dashboard
  • Know the basics of international spam laws
  • Know what the roles of the different stakeholders are during the scoring process (CEO, CRM, marketing, sales)
  • Know where in the form UI you go for progressive profiling
  • Understand what happens when you have multiple triggers in a smart campaign
  • Understand what happens when you have multiple choices in a flow step and a lead qualifies for more than one
  • Understand the connection between acquisition program and new names
  • Understand the ways someone gets automatically marked as acquired by a program
  • Understand that you cannot move backwards in a program status
  • Be able to select which program type to use for a live event hosted by the company
  • Know that you need to activate the content in an engagement program before you can launch it
  • Know the consequences of removing leads from an engagement program after they already participated
  • Know the functionality that the webinar integration gives you at each step of the process (invite, register, attend, no show, attend on demand)
  • Understand that triggers are how you respond in real-time to someone
  • Know how to set up a data management campaign to standardize country
  • Understand whether you set up visibility rules on state or on country when you want to display state only if country is US/Australia
  • Understand what are things that Marketo would categorize as behavior scoring and what would be demographic
  • Know the difference between Send Alert and Send Email (who receives the email)
  • Know about the connection between snippets and segmentations
  • Know about the connection between segmentations and dynamic content
  • Know the differences between segmentations and smart lists
  • Know the ways you would alert sales to a new lead
  • Know what Munchkin code does
  • Know what communication limits are
  • Know about stored values for a picklist
  • Know about hidden fields
  • Know when you can use advanced thank you pages
  • Know about lightbox options for embed forms
  • Know how to edit the URL of a landing page