Sneak Preview #3: Gamification on the New Community!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hello Marketing Nation,

Thanks for tuning into the third edition of our limited Sneak Preview series, where we preview all the exciting changes coming to Community in January 2020. Today, we’ll be discussing how gamification will work on your new Community – check out the details below!


Level and Points Mapping: Perhaps the gamification aspects our customers care about the most are levels and points. You’re probably wondering - what’s going to happen to them?! Worry not, levels will mostly remain the same, with there being a total of 10 levels. We have worked closely with our integration teams to ensure that the level you were at in the old community remains the same on the new platform. That being said, some of you may see that you are 1 level higher or lower than usual. As always, if you notice a significant change in your level (i.e. if you were originally level 5 and are now level 3), please feel free to message me and we’ll work something out!

With the move over to a new platform, points will no longer be visible to our customers. Though there will still be a points system to track user level progression, it is a backend system that is not public facing by default. We understand how important points are to you, so we are hard at work building a custom solution to make your points visible to you in the future!


Migrating Badges: On our current community, there are a plethora of badges that Marketo awards for completion of specific activities. Some of these badges also have multiple tiers, with the threshold to complete each tier increasing at every level. In order to maintain a similar gamification environment, most of these achievements will remain the same. However, some badges rely on the completion of actions that will no longer be trackable – such as voting in polls. As a result, a some Community badges will be migrated over as “legacy” badges, meaning that these badges will be visible on your profile, but will no longer be attainable on the new platform.  


The following badges on our current Community will be migrated over as “legacy” badges:


Groupie – Join a group of interest to you.

Sociable – Post a status update.

Bookworm – Bookmark 3 pieces of content.

Opinionated – Rate 3 pieces of content.

Likely Voter – Vote in 3 polls.

You’re It – Tag 3 pieces of content.

Onboarding - Add an avatar to your profile, add 2 or more skills to your profile, follow another member, and like our Community Guidelines.

Get Comfortable – Vote on an idea, create a discussion or question, and reply to a discussion or question.

Influencer – Get followed by other members.

Ideator – Receive votes on your ideas.

Helpful – Have your reply marked helpful.

Appreciative – Mark replies to your question as helpful.

Seal of Approval – Mark responses as correct.


Champion and Champion Alumni Badges: Champion and Champion Alumni badges are important badges that we give out to members and former members of the Marketo Champion Program. These badges help distinguish our Champion and Alumni members as validated experts when they post or respond to content on Community. We understand how important these badges are to our community members, so all existing Champions and Champion Alumni will maintain their badges moving forward. Please note that once 2020 Marketo Champions have been announced, badge statuses will be updated accordingly.


Specialization Badges: Expertise badges are given out to partners for specialization in a specific aspect of the Marketo product. These badges, such as Account Based Marketing Expertise or Mobile Expertise, will be migrated and attainable on the new Community. Please note that Specialization Badges are only given to partners and internal associates. The only way to get Specialization Badges is to present to a MCSA board, showcasing project work in the specialized areas. More information on how to acquire this certification can be found here.


Improved Gamification Model: In this first phase of our migration, our main focus has been to map over as much of the existing gamification model onto the new platform. Moving forward, we are looking to significantly up-level the gamification experience by adding more badges, profile customizations, community privileges, themes, and more! If you’d like to influence the future of our gamification platform, or even if you’ve seen great examples of other gamified communities, please comment below or reach out to me directly!



That wraps up our third Sneak Preview! I hope you are as excited as I am about these changes – coming soon to the Marketing Nation! If you have any questions or concerns, let me know in the comments below or reach out to me at Stay tuned for our last Sneak Preview next month, where we’ll be covering our new Support page. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!