Sneak Preview #2: A New Search Engine for a New Community!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Hello Marketing Nation,

Thanks for tuning into the second edition of our limited Sneak Preview series, where we preview all the exciting changes coming to Community in mid-December January 2020. Today, we’ll be discussing all search related improvements - please note that these designs are not final and may change prior to release. Marketing Nation Community’s new search capabilities will include:


Universal Search: Suppose you were on Community browsing for best practices on Web Personalization. You’re able to find some content, but it’s not the exact information you’re looking for, so then you visit Marketo Product Docs, Knowledge Base, Help Center…


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a combined search for all things Marketo? Well, now there is! With a newly integrated universal search engine, you’ll be able to perform keyword searches across all Marketo properties, including: Marketing Nation Community, Marketo Product Docs, and the Marketo Help Center.

New Search Menu: Of course, not everyone is interested in searching across EVERY Marketo property, all the time. We’ve built a robust search menu so you can easily toggle which platforms and asset types you’d like to display so that searching is always a breeze.



Improved Recommended Content: In the months following our transition, our new search engine will start anonymously analyzing user page view history. This data does not use any personal information and will only be used to generate models that return recommendations by comparing a user’s current navigation pattern with other user patterns in the past.

Recommendations are made based on the number of user visits – so the more content that is clicked on, the better the recommendations become. Our goal is to better recommend community content to you in a confidential manner, which will hopefully provide you a more holistic view on the topics you’re most interested in!

Better Search Suggestions: Search suggestions, when done correctly, vastly improve search user experience by reducing the amount of time spent scrolling through search results. With our new search engine, query suggestions will utilize relevancy scores, query frequency, performance, and the degree of character matching to provide accurate suggestions for your questions.



Grouped Search Results: In our quest to provide a better search experience, we wanted to ensure that search results were presented to you in an organized manner. We’ve implemented result folding, which will display logical parent-child relationships for search results. This way, when your search query returns multiple results from the same conversation thread, all related child results will be grouped in a way that makes it easy to distinguish the parent post from its subsequent replies.



That wraps up our second Sneak Preview! I hope you are as excited as I am about these search improvements – coming soon to the Community you know and love! Stay tuned for our next week's Sneak Preview, where we'll cover all things Support. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment in the section below or reach out to me at

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