Sample Questions for MCE Exam: Targeting & Personalization

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This is the fifth and final part in my series of sample questions to help you practice for the MCE exam. Part 1 on Admin & Operational topics can be found here. Part 2 on Analytics & Reporting can be found here. Part 3 on Lead Lifecycle can be found here. Part 4 on Program Fundamentals can be found here.

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Look at the image below labeled Image 1. From where are the tokens inherited?a. Token examples folder
b. Campaigns folder
c. Testing for Testing Sake folder
d. BP-TS-YYYY-MM-DD-Tradeshow Program
What is a prerequisite for using dynamic content?a. Emails are active
b. An approved snippet
c. An approved segmentation
d. Activity log tracking is active
Which three steps should a marketer use to make an unsubscribe page appear in the reader's local language?a. Update the individual languages and set your default
b. Create a smart list for each preferred language
c. Create a segmentation for language with a segment for each preferred language
d. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language segmentation
e. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language smart list for each language
Which of the following are valid type of tokens? (Choose all that apply)a. Calendar file
b. Date
c. Text
d. Score
If you set up tokens at the folder level, what type of token will you see on any program within that folder?a. Local Token
b. Inherited Token
c. Overridden Token
d. Lead Token
What always precedes the name of a program token?a. my.
b. lead.
c. company.
d. system.
You can use tokens in which of the following? (Choose all that apply)a. Flow actions
b. Smart lists
c. Emails
d. Landing pages
Which type of token would you use if you wanted to populate the current date in an email?a. Program token
b. Personalization token
c. System token
In which of the following situations would you use dynamic content instead of a token? (Choose all that apply)a. Multiple languages in an email
b. Adding the person's first name in the email
c. Using a regional unsubscribe footer
d. Display different images for each person's industry
e. Including the person's account manager's contact information
True or false: You can make both landing pages and emails dynamic.TRUE
True or false: A lead can belong to more than one segment within a segmentation.FALSE
Which of the following is not a commonly used segmentation?a. Industry
b. Language
c. Product Interests
d. Region
Which of the following types of assets can use the dynamic content functionality? (Choose all that apply)a. Emails
b. Landing Pages
c. Snippets
d. Forms
e. Images
You have a segmentation for Industry with three segments (priority 1: Healthcare, priority 2: Government, priority 3: Education). One person you are emailing does not have an Industry populated. Which content version will they see?a. Healthcare
b. Government
c. Education
d. Default
Snippets can be used in which of the following assets? (Choose all that apply)a. Forms
b. Landing Pages
c. Emails
d. Images
Which of the following is a good use of a static snippet?a. Regional address footer
b. Business unit-specific unsubscribe information
c. Privacy policy language
d. Regional social media links
Which of the following are valid type of tokens? (Choose all that apply)a. Calendar file
b. Date
c. Text
d. Score
The following token is added to a subject line in an email: {{lead.Company Name:default=Your Company}}.
What is the purpose of the token's default value Your Company?
a. To display the lead's Company Name in the subject line
b. To replace the lead's Company Name in the Lead Database
c. To populate Your Company if the Company Name field is empty
d. To display Your Company in the subject line for every email recipient

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Thank you very much Kristen.

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Thank you, this is great stuff!

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Good stuff. FYI forms can be dynamic.

Level 10 - Community Moderator

By the same token, so can images, really (if a dynamic section contains only an <img> tag). Guess the idea is which "first-class" objects can be explicitly dynamic... although there the answer is more like Snippets only. Sigh.

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From where are the tokens inherited? correct answer D?  A token from "BP-TS-YYYY-MM-DD-Tradeshow Program" is not inherited is Local. It can be inherited from "Token examples folder" or any superior folder.

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Yes, you're right.

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I think I'll rephrase that to "which objects can use the "dynamic content" functionality within them, since there's some confusion.

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Yes I too identified the same on that question.

Thanks for raising.

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Kristen Carmean​, Thank you for putting these guides together!

I wanted to point out that question 4 states calendar files are a valid type of token. However, calendar files cannot be found on Marketo's Token Overview.

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You need to dig a bit deeper to see these types of tokens because they are

types of program tokens:


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